KATN – 2 week check-in

2 weeks and 1 day ago today I woke up determined to kick ass and take names, all the time. So how have I been doing?


Start a business:
  • I have a product-based business idea that I’ve gotten stuck on, so contacted San Francisco SCORE and got a mentor. I meet her next Monday, so hopefully that will help me get rolling on the next steps.
  • Been consuming all info within my grasp regarding starting a freelance consulting business. Decided on an idea and finally posted a craiglist ad up today for a mock tech interview service. Goal is to get one paying client by next week. #quickwins
  • Going around in psychological circles: “Yes-I can totally work for myself-I’ve got tons to offer” to “Nobody is ever going to pay you-You crazy hyped up little lady-Just go get a job like a sane person”. Honestly, this is the biggest challenge/time suck of them all
Front a band:
  • Researched singing teachers and set up an audition with one on Sunday. This is only indirectly related to starting a band, but it’s a first step into the musician community.
Organize social events:
  • Contacted a friend and had brunch over the weekend. Baby steps, people.
Conversational superstar:
  • Realized that if this goal is the only thing I accomplish in the next year, it will probably be the best spent year of my life thus far.
  • Attended a Halloween party and tested out variations of answers to “What do you do?”.  Spent rest of night failing on pretty much all other conversational fronts.


  • Applied “small talk” tricks from above-mentionned awesome book on 4-5 strangers on 2 separate occasions.
  • Went to first Toastmasters meeting and gave extemporaneous 2:03 speech on “my creative outlet”.  Singlehandedly took 10 years off the group’s average age :)
Author inspirational and useful blog:
  • Does this one count?
Microfinance lending:
  • Nada

Over time, I’ve started to lose that extra oomph I felt in the morning 2 weeks ago.  Maybe it’s time to paint my mantra on the ceiling?  Set my alarm to play my theme song (TBD)?  How do you keep the passion alive?!?

3 Thoughts on “KATN – 2 week check-in

  1. i love your blog, i have it in my rss reader and always like new things coming up from it.

  2. Aloha there! Great blog! I really enjoyed reading it.

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