Quantity over Quality

At the risk of starting this post bluntly and non-entertainingly, I say the following: I generally value quality over quantity, and tend towards unnecessary crippling perfectionism at times.  This is good when you are doing P90x pullups or working on your guitar chords, but I suspect it isn’t so great when you are trying to increase your creative output.  For most things, a B effort delivered now is better than A+ delivered a month from now.

I’ve always been impressed by people who manage to update their blogs (or even their fb/twitter statii) daily.  These tasks take me an ungodly amount of time – x minutes for writing, and 10x+ minutes for editing.  Is it possible that all these people have such a natural ease with poetry and wit, that they don’t need editing?  I’m guessing that at least some of it is a result of all the extra practice they get from consistent, non-obsessively-self-conscious, efforts.

That said, I’m going to just post this post now (a world record 16 minutes after starting it).  Ignoring the evil internal editor telling me that what I’ve just written is both boring and pointless. . . . . . now.

One Thought on “Quantity over Quality

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