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All I Want for Christmas

Dear Santa,

I know Christmas is not for 363 days, but here are the things that I wish there were:

- Light speed bullet trains
- Molecular transporters
- Incredibly realistic immersive virtual environments accessible from anywhere, complete with tactile, olfactory, and gustatory feedback
- A way to condense the great plains and mountains majesty to make things closer
- Portkeys and/or apparate/disapparate spells
- Responsible time travel

Happy travels everyone!

success: what it really looks like

Success: what people think it looks like what it really looks like

* Demetri Martin, "This is a Book"

Reassured that I must just be in the squiggly part, not in the left-side-non-starter-zone. #onmyway! #blogpoststhatshouldbetweets

Sidebar: While researching the photo credit for this drawing, I was thrilled to learn that it’s from This is a Book by Demetri Martin (omg he has a book?!? i never know anything)Comedian extraordinaire with a unique and dorkable sense of humor and a pretty cool back-story (genre: white collar suburban defiance and triumph. when office space meets eight mile).  When this blog blows up and the peoples of the world recognize my importance I will find him and fan-girl it up, or maybe play it cool and score a blog-erview.  Don’t be me (aka in the dark about many awesome things): watch Demetri Martin. Person. available on Netflix streaming.  Watch it now!

Coming out of the blogging closet

The blog and the quest move forward as usual, but now something significant and scary has happened behind the scenes. Between last time and this, I’ve taken the tiniest of steps to publicize this site (by linking to it from your standard social media outlets). Simple enough, you say. #small-step-for-maryann-huge-leap-for-maryann-kind

If you’ve gotten to this site via one of these means, then you are likely family, friend, frenemy, enemy, long-lost-acquaintance, friend-of-a-friend, or stalker. You are all welcome here!

You’ll feel the most welcome here if you
understand and love any part of this picture.

To get you caught up: in October I vowed to kick ass all the time, and I started this website because that mission demanded it.  There are a million different ways to do it, but in my case specifically it means:

1) get out there and do stuff (aka less daydreaming)

2) finish what i start

3) don’t apologize for being awesome (or daring to try)

It’s both a great opportunity and a great burden because every day there are a thousand chances to rock it out, but also a thousand chances to fail.  And every blog post is a chance to live out loud or play it safe.

Up until now, my only visitors have been 1) Google-roaming link-scavenging bots and 2) people who are married to me.  It’s tempting to continue on my ass-kicking ways in anonymous fashion, carving out Eldorado out in the depths of the blogosphere that real people should only be so worthy and so lucky to happen upon.  I fear the effects that public exposure->self-doubt->self-censoring will have on my writing and my mission to be awesome.  But alas, if you kick ass in the middle of the forest and nobody is there to hear it… well you know the rest.

in space, no one can hear you scream.

Saw this poster every day for 2 years in
Madame Renkin’s french classroom.  I credit it
with making me the luminous person I am today

Here I am World!  Please don’t hate me ;)