success: what it really looks like

Success: what people think it looks like what it really looks like

* Demetri Martin, "This is a Book"

Reassured that I must just be in the squiggly part, not in the left-side-non-starter-zone. #onmyway! #blogpoststhatshouldbetweets

Sidebar: While researching the photo credit for this drawing, I was thrilled to learn that it’s from This is a Book by Demetri Martin (omg he has a book?!? i never know anything)Comedian extraordinaire with a unique and dorkable sense of humor and a pretty cool back-story (genre: white collar suburban defiance and triumph. when office space meets eight mile).  When this blog blows up and the peoples of the world recognize my importance I will find him and fan-girl it up, or maybe play it cool and score a blog-erview.  Don’t be me (aka in the dark about many awesome things): watch Demetri Martin. Person. available on Netflix streaming.  Watch it now!

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