50 visitors, ding!

Remember way back when I was setting goals for the new year?

Remember how I wanted to reach 50 unique blog visitors by March 31 of this year?


Wait for it…


I’m shocked to have hit this number so early, because I hadn’t yet got around to “advanced” traffic building maneuvers like commenting on other people’s blogs, or creating worthy content and submitting it to BlogHer or Technorati.  And it’s still January fer-cryin-out-loud!

My joy is tempered by the suspicion, nay, the knowledge that I myself am responsible for 10 of these “unique” visits, and that 20+ of them are from blog spam deceptocons.  (I have a folder full of blog comment spam to back this up.)

How could I be 10 different people you ask?  Where do my schizo-superpowers come from?  Here is a list of browsers that I regularly use:

iPAD Safari, MacBook Safari, MacBook Opera, Dell Firefox, Dell IE, Android Browser, Netbook IE

Wait.  That’s only 7.  Wahoo!


Regardless of what the numbers say, I still feel like there aren’t all these real people (other than the 3 I know about) out there reading the spazzy things I write.  This is good because I write more boldly (and do everything more boldly) under the protection of an invisibility cloak.  But it’s bad because I sometimes wonder if this is a waste of time (usually late at night when I’m choosing between blogging and anything-other-than-blogging).

Then again, I felt this way about my wedding blog too (that nobody was reading it), but when I saw people in person I got all these compliments on it.  Unfortunately I never installed analytics on that site, so we will never really know what happened. #lessonlearned

New Goals
But this post is about celebration not self-doubt, and I’m not quitting yet!  I’m considering a few options for expanded blog goals for this first quarter.  (1) 150 unique visitors, (2) 10 regular readers (quantified how?), (3) 10 unique commenters.  More eyes or better eyes?  Or a little of both?

Or, maybe I’ll just declare victory now!  Where’s my trophy?

This one’s for the fans.

YOU!  Yeah You!  Thanks for reading!

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