A Portrait of My Dream House (words and pictures)

Let me tell you a little bit about where I hope to live one day.

First of all, this is a single family home with no upstairs/downstairs/sideways neighbors – allowing me the all-important luxuries of exercising plyometric-ly, belting pop songs, and watching epic action flicks at all hours.

I’m allotting an extra room for a home office.  If N>3, I’d also like an extra extra room for a second office/play room/living room…

I was going to paint you a drool-worthy word picture of my dream house, describing its luscious laundry room, delectable dishwasher, wondrous one car garage with bike space, satisfying cement backyard with no lawn (it would die/take over), and wacky(?) walk-in closet.  But then I realized that the only reason I don’t already have a place like this is because, more than all that, I want to live here:

Click to enlarge

If you’re a CSI, you can tell from the glare in the bottom right that someone was playing the Battlestar MMO.  And you might even see the face reflected in the computer screen reflected on the board.

BTW, my house needs to have an entire wall made of whiteboard.

The first draft of this picture was missing the sunlight and the short commute, and so was suspiciously similar to where I used to live in Seattle.  On the off chance that kids occupy this home, just imagine adding a swingset to the park and a karate studio next to the indoor pool (and no, even then I won’t want a lawn).

To recap:

  1. Sonic isolation from neighbors (for their own sakes)
  2. Laundry room
  3. NO lawn
  4. Pizza Joint (Thin Crust)
  5. Park with Awesome Summer Festivals
  6. Skirt Weather!

It’s good to have goals.  Onwards!

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