Today I came out and commented on a blog I’ve been lurking around for a year or so.  I felt super-lurker-y because 1) I knew the author a little bit in high school, and 2) most of the topics (babies, crafting, sewing, cooking) have pretty much no relevance to my life.  The longer you lurk -> the more lurky you become -> the more embarassed you are to delurk -> you see where this is going.

Anyway, today I tore that vicious cycle to shreds with a comment with one too many exclamations points (trying too hard!).  That was today’s contribution to bloguary.

And check it!  Without even meaning to, I got another blog post out of the experience.  Way to dovetail your strategies into a snowball of awesomeness, bloguary-style. #legen….dary

2 Thoughts on “Delurking

  1. Yes! Your comment made my life! And I followed your blogger profile here, for the elusive RElurk. I also outed your genius in a reply comment. I assume your blog name is a ref to HP, which means we are totally compatible!

  2. You are tooo kind! Yes, it totally is – I fancy myself a master auror who can yell “CONSTANT VIGILANCE” at people all day :)

    **** SPOILER ALERT: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire *****

    Makes me sad to remember that all that badass teacher stuff wasn’t him.

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