Fishing… for comments

As far as I know, I only have 2 regular readers – one of whom has no choice in the matter because I hover over him and ask what he thinks of my new post every few hours until he reads it.  And agrees that it’s awesome.  And then tells me specifics about how it is awesome until I’m satisfied that he’s not just appeasing me and playing Mr. Mirror-on-the-Wall to my Lord Farquaad.

But in case there are more of you who chance by this little corner of the internet, I’m offering a small incentive for you to pipe up and let the 3 of us know.

That’s right, it’s time for…

My First Blog Giveaway EVER!

Ok, not SO much a giveaway in the traditional or physical sense.  Bloggers will often do a raffle or offer a discount code to bribe encourage reader participation, but I tried to think of a prize that everyone could enjoy together (cumbaya).  Here’s the tantalizing nugget I devised…

If 10 different people comment on this post by the end of this month:

I will drop and give you 10 5.  Pushups that is.

You read me right – I’m trading pushups for comments.  My suffering could be your entertainment!  You’ve seen and (maybe) enjoyed my pullup video, so you know this will be good slightly amusing.

I realize 10 unique commenters is a lofty goal for someone with only 2 confirmed readers, but on the other hand, I don’t love pushups.  So I (and my pride) kind of win either way – perfect!  Kirk would be proud.

Actual live footage

Leave a comment?

I lurk on many sites myself and (almost) never leave comments, so I totally understand the barriers – like wanting to remain in the quiet shadows (this is the anonymous internet after all), or not having anything you want to say.

If you’re like me, I want to make this as easy as possible for you!  Want to stay anonymous?  Use an alias!  Here are 10 to pick from if you aren’t feeling creative: Blue, Ivy, Shortcake, SneakerPimp, Bennifer, Buttercup, Turkleton, Leeroy, Starbuck, Batgirl

(Yes, those ARE blatant references to the teensy Bey-Z baby – I’m not all that creative myself.)

And here are some ready-made comments you can use:

  • “+1″
  • “Drop and give me 5!”
  • “Batgirl was here”
  • “Um, how about offering a real prize?”

So that’s it!  Use an alias, leave a comment, tell your friends, and check back after January 31 for your visual feast.

What do I do, again?

  1. Hit “Comments” button if necessary to show comments
  2. Provide your alias and email address (the email won’t show up on the blog, it’s a spam blocking thing)
  3. Type a comment (i.e. “+1″)
  4. Hit “Post Comment”
  5. Hope 9 other people do the same
  6. Check back after January 31 to see if I’ve been forced to put my Herculean strength on public display!

-A note to the regulars -
J, M: If nobody else ever comments, let’s not mention this experiment ever again…

9 Thoughts on “Fishing… for comments

  1. Let’s see… This post is awesome, specifically because:
    1. Great Lithgow reference
    2. Non-traditional prize. I’ve only seen individual prizes until now.
    3. Prompted a flurry of research, which I now realize should be a significant metric in evaluating the quality of a blog post.

    Research topic #1: first posts

    I recall seeing a lot of “first post!” comments in my many hours of random web surfing, but couldn’t find a single example this morning. Weird. Maybe the Internet folk have grown up and abandoned that game. Speaking of games, see #3.

    Research topic #2: blog giveaways

    Blog giveaways are a bigger thing than I realized:

    I’m not likely to start pursuing random blog giveaways though, because it sounds as annoying as carrying coupons around. Still, to each their own.

    Research topic #3: can you make a game out of anything?

    This cute post suggests that guys at least can make a game out of anything. Their hacky sack example reminds me of a game my college roommate invented that involved hitting a rollerhockey ball down a hallway for various point targets. Hours and hours of fun. Sorry girls, didn’t find an equivalent post for you, but I suspect the scoring scheme would be subtler.

    Ok, I guess it’s fitting that my longest blog comment is for someone’s first blog giveaway. However, I’m going to end it now before breaking the cardinal rule of comment length < article length. At least, it should be a rule. Maybe not cardinal.

    • But what did you think about the T-rex picture? How awesome was that?

      Is prompting a flurry of research a good thing or a bad thing?

      • T-rex picture is great. I like the visual feast pic even more. Soo thirsty.

        The more resulting research, the better. Shows post engagement. You have the world at your fingertips while reading a post, unless you’ve printed it off and walked outside to read under a tree. Post didn’t raise any questions to be answered? Not good. So, I’d say this one scored well.

        Also, how awesome is the phrase “post engagement”? I’m thinking of making it a blog tagline. The other current contender is “Overall, the campus facilities are extremely adequate for their uses.” I came across this campus sentence on the school’s own web site. This is how they were describing their own facilities. I had enough wit to email myself this sentence for later use (like this comment, I guess), but I completely failed to include which school it was.

        OMG! If you search for that sentence with quotes you only get one search result. It’s a description of UC Hastings, by someone from Stanford on So I was mistaken above that the school was describing itself. Phew. I still love the sentence. Here’s the link for your browsing pleasure.

  2. Anjali on January 20, 2012 at 9:08 am said:

    I added this to my RSS feed so I actually do read it regularly! And I’ve made a comment before – and I’m pretty sure this is the only blog that I have EVER made a comment on so you should be proud since I’m a super lurker too.

    Also “Um, how about offering a real prize?” I’d suggest making you fly out to NY/CT and hang out with 2 of your regulars!! (I assume that the J regular is Joe)

  3. Anjali on January 20, 2012 at 9:14 am said:

    Ok I realize this doesn’t count as another comment, but I just read through some of J’s comments and this person is almost certainly not Joe. But you should still come visit!

    • Nope, you live pretty much exactly across the country from J. Maybe an in-person visit can be the prize for some subsequent blog giveaway… I would have to charge a pretty exciting number of comments for that!

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