Today I thought about writing a manifesto entitled “Why I Blog”, or enthralling you with the saga of my adult cooking adventures (adventures as an adult), or finally tackling the tutorial “How to make an edible Christmas tree”.  Or maybe even attempting a sincere and worthy tribute to MLK day.

But with bloguary post-frequency already declining in its early middle age, I realized I’m gonna have to dial down on the ambition and write what I know…

************** Cue: Unambitious Topic of the Day *****************

If ever there were a specific piece of furniture that I knew by name, daydreamed about, and really wished I had, it would have to be this one:

The IKEA Expedit 4×4.  Black-brown preferred (by me), but also available in white and birch effect.

I admire this bookshelf/room-divider/all-around-all-star as much as a person can possibly admire a few slabs of particleboard that they put together themself.  Possibly even more than that.  Seriously.  Whenever I see this in a store window I do a double take, everything else fades out, and I think “Oh yes, she will be mine.”  Schwing!

The EXPEDIT’s sleek and simple design looks artsy and classy, and instantly makes a place look organized and well decorated.  Even though it’s holding all your dorm-room-looking stuff!  Insta-loft!  There’s some sort of fractal voodoo going on too, because the latent mathlete in you gets transfixed by the symmetry and all of the smaller squares you can find inside the bigger one.

Beautiful!  (Source)

We already own the 2×4 Expedit, which is kinda cool but not extra-super-pimp, and you can even see some of these principles at work in this lamer version:

Not bad, considering it’s only 2×4 and not black-brown

Let’s take a closer look… 

Definitely not bad, considering the ridiculous stuff
it has to compensate for

As awesome as it is (read: stylish and practical), the 4×4 Expedit is just $179 brand new at IKEA, and also widely available on craigslist if you live in the right town – score!  Having a wall big enough for this with no interfering lightswitches or outlets may just have to be another criteria for my dream house of the future.

3 Thoughts on “I Heart EXPEDIT

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