Q1 goals monthly check-up: How am I doing?

In the spirit of accountability and historical record, it’s time for a one month check in on my goals for the quarter.  (Already!)

Here’s the state of things.

Feats of Strength (33% completewe hope)
As you know, I’ve started a pullup training regimen, but I am still in phase 1 of 4.  I’ll explain the whole process in gory detail in an upcoming post, but for now here’s a snapshot of my progress:

Working up to a chin-up.

And for review:

I wore the same outfit again as a control variable - how about some props for scientific integrity!

You can’t see this, but my muscles are working furiously behind the scenes recruiting a hodgepodge volunteer army and fortifying their reserves.  Any day now they will all charge up together in a jaw-dropping, bar-clearing blaze of glory.

Get Inspired (0% complete)
Will probably knock this out entirely during the the third month

Win Friends and Influence People (50% complete)
I haven’t hosted a party yet, but I did get 50 unique blog visitors!  (Current count: 62)

I attribute this success to coming out of the blogging closet back in december, and to furiously posting (15 times) and blog commenting (twice) during Bloguary.

Tech Ninja Level Up (10% complete)
Hmm.  Needs improvement.  I’ve been half-heartedly wrestling my mac and xcode and various iPhone app tutorials, and I’m just now breaking through and getting my computer to do things.  With this frustrating stage behind me, I anticipate ass-kickery to ensue post-haste.

In any case, I have at least started, and here’s the proof.

Sexy and irrefutable. (As far as proof goes)

The wind is changing as Bloguary comes to a close.  We are about to enter: Appuary.  Expect lots of unintelligible half-baked screenshots (lots and lots)!

Amass Weapons for Musical Arsenal (0% complete)
Appuary will also herald the beginning of my guitar tutelage.  Yes.  It will be so.

Feats of Fun (40% complete)
2 out of 5 done – not bad.  We want to spread the fun out anyway, right?

Overall: B-
Nothing is irreconcilably off-track, though I had hoped to report more progress on iphone app development and music arsenal by now.

Next Up:
February is going to be the month that v1 of the iphone-app-to-end-all-iphone-apps gets coded up, and I start taking guitar lessons.  Thank all that is merciful and gravitational that the earth revolves around the sun every 365.24xyzbla days, necessitating the occasional leap year.  Let’s make it count!

2 Thoughts on “Q1 goals monthly check-up: How am I doing?

  1. I agree, pretty good! Most of us don’t get to cross that much off our lists.

    I’ve read that a person should keep their goals private and I’ve also read the opposite. What do you think?

    “Whenever you undertake an activity in which public failure is a possibility, you are likely to experience butterflies in your stomach. Since becoming a stoic, I have become a collector of insults. I have also become a collector of butterflies.” I copied this from a guy’s book review. http://sivers.org/book has good summaries, makes you want to read some and avoid some.

  2. Let’s see, I like the accountability of making them public, which means I’m more likely to actually go through with them. It might seem a little bit like boasting to have them open like this, but I started the blog so people could get to know me better and sharing my goals is all part of that.

    There are probably awkward sorts of goals that you would want to keep private (make peace with neighbor or sister, acquire $1 million, fit into a size 6). But even those could be shared in the right blog context (anonymous family relationships blog, finance blog, weight loss blog).

    Maybe I have a separate offline list like this and none of you even know about it :)

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