Why YOU should blog more often

Last time, I made fun of Veruca Salt and her hustle for more blog posts (I want it now!), but the truth is…

I kind of miss bloguary too.

A quick recap:

January: 15 posts, 27 comments, 1 giveaway (semi-failure), 56 unique visitors

I also got comfortable in my blogging voice, and felt good about the little community we have over here.  I planted my flag and declared it a success – Onwards towards bigger and better things!

So why am I missing bloguary already?  How has this brief respite gotten me deciding that you should blog more often?

1. Safety in numbers.  When I was writing a lot, I felt less anxious about any particular post.  Even if today’s wasn’t good, yesterday’s or tomorrow’s probably might be and then people will forgive me.  Some songs have to be filler, after all.  (Note to readers-of-the-far-future: at this point in time albums still exist in cloud-land, but CDs are pretty much dead).

It’s weird, but it’s almost harder to write less often.  The butterflies procreate wildly during the gaps, and after a little break picking a topic starts to feel like an important decision (stressville).  Bringing us to…

2. There are infinite blog posts waiting to be written.  Just today I was debating between writing this lovely post, wowing you with pictures of my super-transforming coffee/dining table, letting you know what song to sing for karaoke, or informing you that you can use Roth IRA contributions to pay for college (exciting I know!).

Blog posts are so short (ideally) that you can only do one topic at a time, and since this isn’t the Truman show there’s more life going on than you can cover.  Even when you skip over the less colorful stuff like toothbrushing and sleeping.

I wish I had this much fun brushing my teeth.

ASIDE: If I did nothing but blog from now on, could I actually cover everything eventually?  I’m blogging about blogging right now, so I’m thinking no.

3. Blogging makes you bolder.  And Bolder is Better.  To make your posts unique and worth reading, you have to embrace your personality, quirks and all, and run with it loudly.  No fear, No apologies.  Smonsequences.

My natural inclination is to make my writing precise and scientific – cover all the bases, analyze every angle, defend the arguments, five-paragraph essay.

But in the interest of NOT inducing comas, I’m learning to exchange pure fact for emphasis and vivid imagery.

Here’s an example from a past post:

Netflix adds new content all the time, and instead of mindlessly flipping through TV trash, I can mindlessly watch back to back episodes of carefully hand-selected trash.

I still remember having to force myself not to go on some boring tangent explaining that of course not all TV is trash, blah, blah, which would have interrupted the flow of the sentence and robbed it of its intentional lighthearted humor.

Also see above: “There are infinite blog posts waiting to be written.”  Well… technically, there are only so many combinations of words, not to mention that blog posts have no consciousness so they can’t really “wait” for anything.  Yeah, yeah, shut up already!

Remember: Bolder is Better.  You heard it here first.  (See what I did there?)

4. Frequent blogging makes for frequent visitors.  Your readers will love you more than twice as well as you deserve because you never get out of their heads.  Be like Rihanna (release 6 albums and 36 singles in 6 years) and top the charts forever!

I know I follow a few blogs that wouldn’t necessarily stand out otherwise, just because they get updated every day.  I actually start caring about what happened to the author last weekend and wanting to see pictures of their crock-pot dinner mush!

…Awkward transition…

Despite the numerous benefits of perpetu-blogging, I am still deep in the mire of appuary so blogging will continue suffer a bit for now.  Sadface.

What do you want to hear about next?*

Coffeemus Prime: The Incredible Transforming Table
How Samoas are like Hobbits
Ways to pay for college
If I had a billion dollars
Ghosts of Maryanns Past: The Journals

(*Disclaimer: I’m likely to ignore your votes entirely.  Democracy is an illusion.**)

(** I don’t relieve believe democracy is an illusion.  blah, blah, blah.)

4 Thoughts on “Why YOU should blog more often

  1. I suppose I should blog. I guess writing comments on others’ blogs is my substitute. Slightly parasitic.

    Is there such a thing as a blog tick?

    What did people do before blogs? Write letters? Keep a diary?

    From another perspective, I feel I don’t produce enough, that all I do is consume. Does blogging count as production? Maybe it would scratch that itch.

    • Anyone who takes the time to actually comment is the opposite of a blog parasite – commenting is an extremely valuable public service! I know comments are a real motivator for me to keep blogging – if I didn’t get them, this probably would have fizzled out by now.

      I find blogging to be a productive outlet for me. I have all these thoughts I think and random research that I do, and now that I get some of it down on “paper” I feel like all that info has the potential to actually turn into something more. But I don’t think everyone’s outlet necessarily needs to be a blog. Some people are good about calling people up, giving lectures, throwing parties, etc., where they can spread their thoughts. I’m not so much like that, so blogging is a great way for me to get myself out there.

      I have a very long 20+ year history of journal writing that preceded this, so I guess that’s what people did before blogs :)

  2. I NEED to hear more about Ghost of Maryann’s Past: The Journals and Coffeemus Prime.

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