Goals Checkin: March Edition

Another month, another goals checkin.


I try to be positive, especially on the blog, but I’ve been feeling overwhelmed with life lately.  Or maybe more accurately, I’ve been feeling underwhelmed with myself lately.  The space between my expectations and my reality seems to be growing.

Problem to solve?  Time for a list!

Option 1: Fundamental Laziness
Ugh, I hope not, but probably maybe.  Is there any cure for this?  Am I doomed to a life of mediocrity just because I can’t be bothered?

Option 2: Mouth bigger than stomach.  Biting off more than can chew.  Other eating-related metaphors.
Is it possible that I’m expecting too much of myself?  I think not.  There are people out there scaling mountains and running governments, certainly I can handle a handful of personal goals.

Option 3: Deer in headlights
I haven’t read Paradox of Choice, but I imagine that something like that is at play here.  I have far too many options, good options at those, which overwhelm me on any given day.  Because if I’m practicing guitar, that means I’m not coding, or blogging, or going for a walk, and so on, and so on.  Optimizing my day becomes this harrowing ordeal that leaves me drained and unable to actually do anything.

But as I’m typing this, just like that, it occurs to me that I’ve already solved this problem.  Here:

I’ve managed to settle on RESOLUTIONS FOR 2012/LIFE:

Set fewer, smaller goals (dare I say SMART goals) and celebrate the small stuff.

It doesn’t necessarily sound like much in the way of world-domination, but I expect it’s gonna make a huge difference (positive direction) in what I accomplish and how I experience life in general.  So, instead of making an 8 item todo list every morning, getting only 4 things done, and then having sleepless bed-rage nights, I’m going to start off more realistically by putting just 3 items on the list.

Ok.  So I’m recommitting to this.  Set fewer goals every morning.  Do the hard stuff first thing, enjoy the rest of the day.

I’ll also remind myself that while March wasn’t as productive as I would’ve liked in terms of goals, it was filled with good things.  Visiting family, a last minute trip to New York, watching the Hunger Games.  If giving myself a few extra weeks to finish up means I get to do all that, then I guess I’ll find a way to deal with it!

Without further ado, here is my final goals checkin for this first quarter.  (Sighs of relief sweep across the crowds).

In progress.  The huge breakthrough is that I can now do the top part of a chin-up.  Prepare to be amazed.

Yes!  First, I went to the Creator’s Project music festival and saw SquarePusher and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.  Then, I went to a nearby open mic and saw several intimidatingly awesome acts.  This was true fist-pumping fun, and I’m upping my concert going frequency to twice per month from now on.

Tech Ninja
I’ve made considerable progress on my apps, but like they say, the last 20% of the work takes 80% of the time.  Meanwhile, I did update LinkedIn, which, by the way, has become rather useful and populated since I last logged in 5 years ago.  Career-havers of the world, take note!

Music Arsenal
I was going to write a song this weekend, but then decided to chill out instead because… it was the weekend.  As a reward for containing your anger, and not grabbing your pitchforks and chasing me out my house, I give you this.

Feats of Fun
No progress this month, but who cares?  I went to New Haven and had hours of fun I shouldn’t have had instead!  (Remind me to tell you about this, the most efficient evening of fun ever).

Phew.  I feel better already.  April goals (few but meaningful), coming up!

7 Thoughts on “Goals Checkin: March Edition

  1. I have read Paradox of Choice – I’m a hopeless maximizer and I know it’s bad but every time I try to “satifice” I usually end up regretting my decision. But whenever I maximize, I am happy and keep that item for like 10 years. So I guess I’m not the same type of maximizer as they describe, because those people regret their decision if a new thing comes out later. I’m just sad if there’s another better choice at that time that could have been mine but I just didn’t know about it. That whole paragraph might make no sense if you haven’t read the book. And it’s actually not that relevant to the type of choice that you were discussing. Basically ignore the above paragraph.

    Also, regarding worries and making lists, I’ve been doing that for a while and it definitely helps! I feel like that kind of changed my life because as soon as I write it down, I basically stop worrying about it.

    Impressive top part of a pull up. Also, I forgot to play you my original song! Next time, next time. But yes, it was a very efficient night of fun.

    • Mitz was describing maximizer and satisfier to me a few months ago, so I do understand that paragraph a little bit :) I think I’m a little bit of a maximizer when it comes to spending my time-currency. I really want to spend time on the best things, but paradoxically the deliberation over that takes a lot of time!

  2. I read this book Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength last fall. It is not what you initially think it is. A lot of what you are thinking about is discussed in the book. Chapters like ‘Is willpower more than a metaphor’, ‘A brief history of the to-do list’, ‘Decision fatigue’, etc.
    Nice pullup!
    Wow, you have really made progress on the guitar!

    • Sounds interesting, might have to check that out!

      I have my doubts that I’ll ever do the middle part of the pullup, but then again I never thought I would be able to play an F chord on the guitar either. So I guess we’ll keep at it!

  3. WHOA! How did I miss the youtube link of you singing Oh Sherry!?? Amazing. Great job. And great song choice of course.

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