NEVER eat alone?

When I’m not otherwise occupied in the world of Westeros, I occasionally read “practical” stuff.

never eat alone by Keith Ferrazzi

Some takeaways:


2. You’ll be far more fulfilled and successful if you fill your professional and personal lives with meaningful relationships.  Relationships first.

3. Connecting is all about helping people.  Always be looking for ways to help a sister out by introducing her to a contact, sharing a link, telling a joke.  If you help someone with Health, Wealth, or Children especially, they will love you forever.

4. Networking should not be a whole other side job – invite people to things you were going to do anyway: eating, exercising, clubbing, church, etc.  Dinner at your home is the ultimate!

5. When you can’t clone yourself, clone the event.  Have 5 people to meet in one weekend?  Invite them all out to the same happy hour!

6. Your network is a muscle, not a bank account.  Use it often and it will grow stronger, not smaller.

7. When you give a speech, you’re an instant celebrity.  When you go to a conference, be a presenter.  Otherwise, be the first person to ask a question afterwards – you get residual spotlight on you that way, making people want to meet you.

Fun Fact: Paul Revere was well liked in his town and the next ones.  Hence he was entrusted with the task of notifying the people of the British approach.  Furthermore, his friendship with the sexton of the church gave him access to the tower where he hung his lanterns.

This book starts out great.  A few chapters in, I was convinced that no man is an island, and that connecting is an important, maybe THE most important, key to success and happiness.  I was ready to drink in the wisdom and transform my life!

By the middle though, Never Eat Alone becomes overwhelming.  It’s full of tactics upon tactics, so much so that you don’t see how anyone could manage it.  By the end, Ferrazzi admits that he makes HUNDREDS of phone calls a DAY, just to “touch base” with the thousand+ people in his network.  He finds time for this when walking around or riding in cabs.  He maintains lists of people to touch base with monthly, quarterly, or yearly.  He holds large dinner parties at his home every month.  He sends emails from the bathroom (um, tmi).  He reads the newspaper every day so he’s ready to converse.  He flies first class because you can make excellent business contacts there.  Basically, he makes you want to give up.

But don’t give up!  The key here is to read this more as a textbook to be mastered one chapter at a time.  For now, I’ll be focusing on Chapter 11: Never Eat Alone, Chapter 13: Follow Up or Fail, and Chapter 22: Be Interesting. :)

Anyone want to do lunch this week?

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