Thank You!

I’ve watched the Grammy’s dozens of times, and I’ve heard hundreds of people say exactly this:

“I wouldn’t be here without my fans.”

But I never really understood or believed it… until now.

Blogging is really fun and rewarding for me, but it also takes a lot of time.  Sometimes I stress out about the world-wide mockery I must be inducing or I wonder whether my two cents is worth any cents.  I also blog right before bed, which often means late nights and lost sleep in the frenzy to publish.

I’m like:

All of that is to say that, on multiple occasions, I’ve considered quitting altogether.  It would mean one less thing to do, one less craft to hone, one less thing cluttering up the interwebs.  But then I remember – I have actual, real-life readers!  They count on me!  (Don’t even deny it).  So I decide to see if I don’t have one more post in me after all.

All those tiny steps and small victories have brought us to this, my 50th post!!!

There’s no way I would have made it this far without all of your encouragement.  So thank you Anj, J, KV, Matt, Starbuck, and Keight for stopping by and gracing with comments!  I know that takes a lot of effort and pluck, and I really really appreciate it.

Thank you D, L, A, M, A, J, T, D, B, and A, for lending your support through other channels.  I’m always thrilled (and shocked) when people mention something to me about the blog in email, text, person, carrier pigeon, whathaveyou.

I’m like:

And finally, thank you to anyone who reads here that I don’t know about yet!  There’s no not much shame in anonymous patronage ;)   I am humbled that you lend me your ears.

Is publishing 50 posts the same as winning a grammy?  Sadly, no.  But still, I know I wouldn’t be here without my fans.

*All images are from this must-read tumblr.

2 Thoughts on “Thank You!

  1. Anj on May 1, 2012 at 7:06 am said:

    Huzzah! 50 is a nice accomplishment. And yes, I do count on you for my workplace distractions!

  2. Keep it coming – great stuff!

    P.S. Arrested Development gifs are always an instant win

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