Whiskey, Chainsaws, and Babies

Matt and I went to his sister’s wedding this weekend, where we had the serious privilege of hearing the maid of honor share this insta-legend:

A year before the bride and groom met, the bride (V) and the maid of honor (A) were talking with an acquaintance.  Said acquaintance was a 30 year old man who lived with his mother and specialized in playing video games all day.  He shared with them his theory that once he’d met that special someone, he’d move along and start building a life with her.  Surely there was a woman out there who’d be up for that?

While A considered whether or not to tell him this was “the stupidest thing she’d ever heard”, V piped up: “Well yeah! Sometimes you do want a boy who plays video games and smokes a lot of pot.  But sometimes, you want a MAN who likes whiskey, chainsaws, and babies.”

A year later, A gets a call: “I met someone… and he really knows how to use a chainsaw.”

I don’t know which part I love most - the hilarious scolding, the highly specific but undeniably reasonable list, or the happily ever after - but I do know this is the type of story people will be telling for years, long after we forget where it came from and maybe even who the original characters were.

Whiskey, Chainsaws, and Babies: A 21st century fairy-tale.

But please, do not mix.

Congratulations Peter and Vanessa!

2 Thoughts on “Whiskey, Chainsaws, and Babies

  1. Was that bottom picture actually set up somewhere at the wedding? Amazing!

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