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I keep finding treats everywhere…

“Oh must be my lucky day”

“Hmm that’s weird”

“Wait a minute…”

“This is no coincidence…”

It’s like it’s my birthday! 

Never-ending mini-york surprise = extremely ideal birthday!  But now I’m all greedy and wondering where the big mother ship bag-o-York is…

I want it Now!

I’m feeling really empty on blog material this evening, but I fear incurring the whine wrath of Veruca Salt, so here we go anyway…

1) Went to Waterbar SF tonight for $1 happy hour oysters.  They were good, but now I feel weird.  Apparently oysters, random fruity cocktail, and peppermint bark do not make for a nourishing square meal.

2) I’ve been completely wrapped up in my latest work project, and that’s been occupying the vast majority of my time and thoughts.  Hence, lack of brain space for generating blog-worthy material.

3) My mom once wondered why we needed so many skillets in the house.  “I don’t even have this many!” 

This is why.

4) New upstairs neighbor gets up around 6 am (for real!) and starts walking around (how dare he!).  Unfortunately the floors are wood and his kitchen/living room is above my bedroom.  I haven’t been well rested in a month and the bags are starting to coalesce under my eyes and reveal my pushing-thirty-ness.

The corollary to this is that his bedroom is above our living room, where we play pop/rock music and/or action/sci-fi programming until midnight-ish.  So he probably hasn’t been well rested for a while either?

All of this got me Zillowing housing prices in Austin, TX today.  I may actually be able to afford my dream house (close to everything, no surface-sharing neighbors) there!

5) On Monday, I saw someone pick a cup of chopped fruit (fork included) out of an overflowing public trash can and start eating it.  I found this simulataneously gross and heart warming- what a nutritious, delicious, and otherwise expensive snack (assuming the germ thing works out ok)!

6) Speaking of pushing thirty, everyone I know who has rounded that corner seems to accept it with grace and happiness.  Maybe because what other option does one really have? 

I don’t think that’s going to be me.  With a little over a year to go, I’m digging my heels in as hard as they will go.  I’m planning to apply myself to having extreme amounts of non-fun just to make the time pass extra slow… Yup, that’ll probably work.

7) If I had been more organized about this, I could have turned this into 3 or 4 posts.  Instead I poured the entire well into this one and now it’s gonna be dry for a spell.  Oh well. 

Stay back, Veruca.

roll your own

Last week I was going to a women in technology mixer, which meant that, for the first time ever, I needed… business cards! 

The mixer was on Friday, so obviously I ordered them on Tuesday.  The express shipping for my $8 order costed $11, but it assured that the cards would arrive on Friday.  That would be plenty of time for a Friday evening event.  No problem.

I sailed through my week worry-free (business-card-wise)… until 5pm Friday rolled around and the cards still hadn’t arrived… uh oh.  This is a problem.  (Even apart from the fact that I paid money for this to not be a problem.)  God forbid I actually meet someone interesting and then have to admit I’ve got no card to give them because this is, in fact, amateur hour.  Madness, I tell you!

But wait! – I thought to myself – you can do anything in Word!  So while my intern/lacky went off to the print shop to buy cardstock, I downloaded a business card template and designed up my own. 

I didn’t have a nice logo or graphic to put on there, so I went with this…

It turns out, I really like it!  No more wondering, “who gave me this card?”  My mug shot is right there.  Sure, given more time I would find a paper cutter instead of using scissors, but other than that this seems to do the job.

I finished up, got on the bus at 5:30, only to get this message at 5:32:

Cards are here!

Along with this picture:

Way more polished, but also way more generic. 

Who knew that mail would be delivered so late on a Friday?  Annoying timing and wasted dollars aside, I’m glad this happened – otherwise I never would have known to make my own cards and to put my picture on them.  I’ll give you 1 guess as to which ones are in my wallet right now, waiting to be handed out!

opposite day

Yesterday was fun!

Took the day off to celebrate a certain someone’s birthday…

Went on a hike…

Had breakfast for lunch…

Hung out in Azeroth…

 And in case you needed any more evidence that this wasn’t my birthday…

Chomped german chocolate cake…

Goes to show you that with great company, anything can be fun! ;)

Happy birthday, Matt!