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Last week I was going to a women in technology mixer, which meant that, for the first time ever, I needed… business cards! 

The mixer was on Friday, so obviously I ordered them on Tuesday.  The express shipping for my $8 order costed $11, but it assured that the cards would arrive on Friday.  That would be plenty of time for a Friday evening event.  No problem.

I sailed through my week worry-free (business-card-wise)… until 5pm Friday rolled around and the cards still hadn’t arrived… uh oh.  This is a problem.  (Even apart from the fact that I paid money for this to not be a problem.)  God forbid I actually meet someone interesting and then have to admit I’ve got no card to give them because this is, in fact, amateur hour.  Madness, I tell you!

But wait! – I thought to myself – you can do anything in Word!  So while my intern/lacky went off to the print shop to buy cardstock, I downloaded a business card template and designed up my own. 

I didn’t have a nice logo or graphic to put on there, so I went with this…

It turns out, I really like it!  No more wondering, “who gave me this card?”  My mug shot is right there.  Sure, given more time I would find a paper cutter instead of using scissors, but other than that this seems to do the job.

I finished up, got on the bus at 5:30, only to get this message at 5:32:

Cards are here!

Along with this picture:

Way more polished, but also way more generic. 

Who knew that mail would be delivered so late on a Friday?  Annoying timing and wasted dollars aside, I’m glad this happened – otherwise I never would have known to make my own cards and to put my picture on them.  I’ll give you 1 guess as to which ones are in my wallet right now, waiting to be handed out!

One Thought on “roll your own

  1. AND, what a great way to advertise your abilities!

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