Red pill, please

And now, for a quick traipse through the wonderland that is my mind…

How much space does the internet take up?  Physical space I mean.  And how much bigger does it get everyday from blog posts alone? 

Does the internet grow faster than the computing chips growing smaller?  Put another way, does it grow more than 2x per 18 months?

Are we going to RUN OUT OF SPACE for it?  When will this happen?  Can we put it in the ocean (overflow dumping ground)?  Outer space (lieutenant overflow dumping ground)? 

If the nuclear holocaust were to hit, and the bunkers are only so big, what will be the exchange rate for internet to people?  Do we leave 10000 people out to die in order to save wikipedia?  WebMD?  Youtube?  Twitter?  This Blog? 

Would I rather live on through this website, or live on in the more conventional, physical, way, but in a world where all of human knowledge and history has been snuffed out? 

Is there anything in my mind that isn’t online?  If not, wouldn’t extra bits of internet be the more valuable addition to future society?  But then, should we just go ahead and conclude that the machines are the important ones, and we humans are just here for repopulation purposes?

Has this all already happened?  Is this the Matrix?

October 2009
a more innocent time

One Thought on “Red pill, please

  1. Yup, happened before and will happen again. It’s turtles all the way down… and up.

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