I actually use the New Myspace

But first, some miscellany-

Windows Startup Weekend Contest

Funnel made it past the first round of judging of the Windows Startup Weekend Contest! Now for the hard part – developing a Windows store version of it by March 1 (yikes).

On TV Netflix 
With Matt – Friday Night Lights, Star Trek TNG, Freaks and Geeks
By My Lonesome- The Vampire Diaries, Psych, How I Met Your Mother (again)

Note: Friday Night Lights was great to start watching before the Super Bowl. It doles out football knowledge in digestible pre-cut one-play-per-episode format. Remember when the Ravens took a safety to run down the clock at the end of the fourth? I totally understood that!

Note 2: It’s hard to find stuff I want to watch when Matt isn’t around. He has a blacklist of shows that I save to watch with him (a la Prognosis Negative), leaving behind some pretty slim pickings. I usually end up just watching the same stuff over and over again.

And Now: The New Myspace
Last week I checked out the New Myspace, and I’m actually still using it. It’s like a YouTube for songs – you can play anything you want (that they have) on demand and even create playlists. I was using IHeartRadio before, but it’s a radio model where you can’t control what plays. With Myspace, if you need to punish your co-worker with Desperately Wanting on repeat because he’s acting up, you can do it! (This is a sad tale in which I caved in first after about 15 listens and switched the song).

Myspace has a lot of videos available as well (you can ask anyone – I love music videos). And best of all – it’s free with no ads! Enjoy that while it lasts.

Ok, so it turns out Myspace is not actually the YouTube of songs, because I couldn’t share a playable link here. YouTube is the YouTube of songs.


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