Have you heard of Project Glass? Watch on…

What would you do if you had Glass?

#ifIHadGlass I would ask myself, WWZMD – What Would Zach Morris Do? That guy knew what to do with his technology!

#ifihadglass I’d know what it was like to be 8 feet tall… or 2 feet tall – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCDh56IDDF8

#ifihadglass I’d play epic city-wide hide-and-seek

#ifihadglass window shopping would be so much better (pin stuff everywhere!)

#ifihadglass I could review my memory logs #CommanderData

#ifihadglass I’d never forget a name again

#ifihadglass I’d never have to squint. Zoom in on that! #enhancing

#ifihadglass my friends would be able to coach me through a date, or an interview (same thing really)… assuming it’s ok to keep them on during ;) #screech #creeper

#ifihadglass it would remind me to say “Please” #momapp

#ifihadglass you’d have to pry them off my face :) (sometimes)

Can’t wait for the contacts version! #ifihadglass

Google is (ending tonight) giving you (and me!) a chance to get an early copy. Enter by using the hashtag #ifIHadGlass on Google+ or Twitter!

One Thought on “#ifIhadglass

  1. Anjali on March 1, 2013 at 8:52 am said:

    Huzzah, congrats on being featured in the Windows app store!

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